Web Design & Development

Solar Digital is a leader in The Greater Vancouver Area & The Fraser Valley for web development & web design. We provide modern technology stacks with a multitude of different resources for building terrific static webpages, as well as modern web and mobile-based applications. Your business’s digital presence is essential for building brand awareness, converting leads, marketing, customer service. Join Solar Digital & build your next application with the agency located at #103 30468 Great Northern Ave, Abbotsford, British Columbia.  

Building brand awareness can be a daunting task for any company especially when aiming to stay under a certain budget. Sure, other companies may be able to afford a flying $14 Million qr code for the 2022 Super Bowl (*Cough Cough Coinbase*). Although, building a successful static or dynamic website can be the push your business needs to get to the next level. Solar Digital prioritizes making sure your business and what it does is on the forefront of your new website!

With the help of Solar Digital, your company can convert more leads with the use of organic traffic sources such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or paid traffic sources with pay-per-click(PPC) ads. Generating leads may be initial problem to face but converting those said leads can be easy with correct web design & development. Solar Digital works with all different types of businesses in Abbotsford and around the rest of The Fraser Valley who trust them to help convert their leads. 

Marketing your business can be the difference maker in an okay and in a great business, the largest business’ always have a memorable marketing theme, for example, Apple. Apple has built a large enough brand presence and marketed their products well enough into creating a stigma that their higher quality than the rest. Whether true or not, Apple products can price the way they do because of how the general public perceives them. Solar Digital provides marketing boilerplate’s to make it simple for your business to differentiate in a tough enough market as The Greater Vancouver Area & The Fraser Valley. Furthermore, we help build companies to differentiate from the rest.

Automating tasks, as well as building a customer service portal brings in an absurd of convenience for both the customer as well, the company providing it. For example, customer’s can submit tickets relating to issues they may be facing where either you or your customer support division may be tasked with responding to them individually. Building a custom support ticket program works great for service based companies. Solar Digital has worked with accounting & bookkeeping firms, consulting firms, law firms, etc. in this space. Solar Digital is in the forefront of building software and programs to help your company save time and in turn, money.

Let’s face it, the world of business is rapidly advancing in way’s we never imagined. Technology is more prominent than ever in the past twenty years. Let Solar Digital be on the forefront of your business’ campaign in building your digital presence. We work with companies based in and around the Greater Vancouver Area & The Fraser Valley.