Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Each business or company relies upon two forms of marketing, inbound, and outbound. Inbound can be simply explained as bringing the customer into your company. Comparatively, outbound marketing can be simply stated as bringing your company to the eyes of your potential customer. Outbound is the familiar marketing that we’re used to. With the evolution of technology, companies have to differentiate themselves from competitors, and a simple way to do that is to provide multiple methods of marketing. Solar Digital Marketing works with an abundance of companies in The Fraser Valley and The Greater Vancouver Area to provide inbound and outbound marketing strategies for building leads and increasing customer awareness. Regardless of your industry, our dedicated team of web design, web development, and marketing specialist are here to help you build your business.

Outbound marketing is the more common form of marketing used today and in past history. This includes but is not limited to billboards, physical print products, search content marketing, banner ads, cold emails, and cold calls. To summarize, this means that your attempting to bring the content to the eyes of your potential customer compared to bringing the customer to your sales funnel(inbound marketing). Solar Digital Marketing is helping companies based out of Abbotsford, The Fraser Valley, and The Greater Vancouver Area capitalize on this opportunity with the help of our sister company, Solar Printing. Solar Printing provides companies in Abbotsford and The Greater Vancouver Area with opportunities to promote their company with customized print products. Solar Printing is the largest commercial print shop based out of Abbotsford. Solar Digital Marketing can assist your company in all manners for building your outbound marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing is a method that is not traditionally used in companies’ marketing strategies. A few examples of inbound marketing include using social media to build brand presence, blog posts, e-mail newsletters, infographics, white studies, and quizzes. Paid marketing can be used as well to promote these types of content. The inbound marketing goal is to build trust, brand awareness, and increase customer engagement. This eventually leads to the customer converting into a paying customer. Inbound marketing requires a more creative team than basic outbound marketing strategies. It can be used very beneficially when used along with other digital marketing strategies to determine a customer profile, then target that customer with outbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing’s goal is to build trust with the brand as much as possible without utilizing the common outbound marketing sources other companies in The Fraser Valley may utilize. Solar Digital Marketing can help your company build an inbound marketing strategy with your team. 

Now that we’re aware of the differences between inbound and outbound marketing strategies, we will determine which is a better fit for your business and industry. Inbound offers a cheaper alternative to pay-per-click ads compared to outbound marketing. As well, it offers the ability to track your audience which leads to the ability to market your specific product or services to that particular crowd. Another benefit of inbound marketing is the ability to scale your marketing across the entire globe rather than limit yourself to your local area. However, outbound marketing has a specific set of advantages as well. It is often ideal for local businesses and it builds brand awareness in the community. Outbound marketing can be done for very cheap as well by using a simple 4×8 Coroplast Sign in your community. Reach out to Solar Digital Marketing to determine whether inbound or outbound marketing fits better for your company.

Solar Digital Marketing is a leader in the digital and physical marketing space in Abbotsford, The Fraser Valley, and The Greater Vancouver Area. We help businesses build their web presence and local brand awareness with the use of both inbound and outbound marketing. Reach out to our team to get started with building your business.