How can Web3 help my company?

In the age of technology and digital products, Solar Digital is here to help your company adapt to the new age of technology. Solar Digital is an innovator in the Web3 space, working with companies throughout North America assisting in launching NFTs, and helping companies build their Web3 presence. Web3 will change the digital space of companies before we even know it, Solar Digital is here to assist your company to adapt. Web3 is a blockchain-driven alternative to the internet we commonly know referred to as Web2. Web3 utilizes decentralized alternatives to the internet we commonly know. While Web3 will not replace Web2, it will definitely make an abundance of companies on the internet irrelevant. 

The most important change Web3 provides is the ability to use cryptocurrency to interact, exchange, buy and sell online. Cryptocurrency can be used for digital and physical products, contracts, and exchanges. Solar Digital has implemented pathways for companies to take payments in cryptocurrency seamlessly from their website. The benefits that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum provide are fewer transfer fees compared to POS systems, faster transactions, and much more efficient than bank transactions. Cryptocurrencies operate on the blockchain and provide a seamless and anonymous interaction between a company and another company. Utilizing Bitcoin or Ethereum to accept payments for your company provides no negative value. We offer integrations in any custom development setting you have your custom stack, or even Shopify and WordPress solutions. Solar Digital can help you start taking payments for your company in crypto easily!

The largest factor that assists small businesses in Web3 is reliability with their customers, for example. The blockchain will revolutionize the internet as we know it. Think of the blockchain as similar to a database except that it works in steps or blocks rather than back and forth compared to traditional databases(SQL). The blockchain provides the customers with a direct pathway to show there is nothing going on behind the scenes. Solar Digital has implemented this in transportation and logistic companies providing their customers with a seamless experience to track their shipments or packages. Above all else, the blockchain builds credibility with a customer and a business, trust is an important factor in any business relationship. The blockchain provides just that, read more about it here.

Another point that is not often discussed when referring to Web3 is the Metaverse and other augmented realities. Virtual Reality is nothing that is brand new but the Metaverse will completely revolutionize technology. Companies are taking the first leap by purchasing real estate in the Metaverse, as of summer 2022, almost 500 Million USD has been spent on real estate in the Metaverse. Think of the Metaverse as a virtual sandbox that can be interacted with using VR glasses, the real estate and application market will operate on cryptocurrency similar to the Apple store or Google play store. The Metaverse will provide an opportunity for companies to be a part of the digital revolution. Solar Digital can assist you in building your next application on top of the blockchain. 

Web3 is a large topic on which an abundance of new projects is being released daily, companies are receiving funding to build the next stage of technology. Solar Digital is assisting companies across North America to build your application. If your company would like to see a demo of some of the services that Solar Digital provides, contact us today. We are looking to work with the brightest and best companies emerging from Web3.