How can Graphic Design assist in marketing my business

Have an amazing new business idea? Solar Digital provides the resources to get your startup off the ground. We are your one-stop shop in The Greater Vancouver Area and The Fraser Valley to build your business. Solar Digital utilizes software, graphics, social media marketing, physical marketing, and accounting to build a business ready to scale. We serve industries ranging from service, aerospace, oil & gas, construction, technology, energy, manufacturing, consumer, and medical. Regardless of the industry, you’re looking to work in, Solar Digital provides solutions for your company. We ensure to build products that are built with your purpose in mind and use software that is easy to scale.. Scalability is a factor that is often not considered enough when building a company. We work with M. Sohi CPA. to help you prepare to incorporate your company and keep your tax records in accordance with the provincial and federal guidelines of British Columbia and Canada. 

Solar Digital utilizes the newest and best frameworks when building software for your web-based or mobile applications. We use languages such as React and Django to create apis for your backend. React provides a lightweight application for your company’s front end. We keep in mind that applications have requirements in mind weighing scalability and security. We can provide a seamless experience for payments by integrating stripe into your application. Our team here at Solar Digital has a large multitude of experience in different companies in technology including Apple, Microsoft, Palantir, Netflix, and EA. Solar Digital’s office is located conveniently in Abbotsford to provide you with a seamless experience for converting your idea into a profitable startup. 

Raising money from investors without the correct connections can seem quite cumbersome. Solar Digital has an abundance of resources that can help you build a business plan and build connections to achieve the funding required. As well, Solar Digital provides web hosting for your startup at a reasonable rate. Building the correct presentation to raise funds from investors is crucial to building a reputation for your company. Microsoft PowerPoint will not provide the correct tools required to bring funding from investors at the valuation you may be seeking.

How can Solar Digital help me market my application? Solar Digital provides you with all the resources to get your startup out to the public. We help you list your product on ProductHunt, build your Google listing, help direct traffic with the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and utilize pay-per-click ads (PPC) on different platforms such as Tik Tok, Google, Meta, Reddit, and Twitter. As well, we work with Solar Printing to provide your business with all the tools required to build your brand’s image with physical marketing products such as large signs, banners, custom apparel, and vinyl graphics. With the help of Solar Printing, you can build your brand in whichever manner is deemed necessary. Community outreach provides direct marketing opportunities to bring more eyes to your startup, and bringing more traffic to your web or mobile application allows you to create monetization sources. 

No matter where you and your company are in the process of building your startup, Solar Digital is here to get launch and scale your startup. We have an abundance of resources to increase your web or mobile traffic and monetization for your application. Get in touch with Solar Digital and visit us in our Abbotsford office located conveniently off Highway 1 in between Langley and Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.